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Advance Aviation Group

PO Box 172, Emerald Qld 4720

Emerald Airport, Hangar 1 Springsure Hwy, Emerald Qld 4720

PH:   +61 (0)7 4987 5566   |   FAX:    +61 (0)7 4982 3233


Advance Aviation Group Pty Ltd

(AAG) is an aviation company founded in the heart of the Bowen, Sarat and Galilee Basins, Queensland’s largest coal and gas region, which is booming with mining and exploration activities. AAG occupies a unique market position, providing speciality air charter services to a diverse field of customers.

Offering a service built on strong relationships, safety, reliability and efficiency. Advance Aviation Group also has the benefit of a fully operational maintenance hangar with skilled engineers available to repair various types of aircraft at short notice.

With a staff of 15 employees, AAG are dedicated to assisting clients to solve all their transportation problems, from staff to freight in the safest and most timely manner. With bases in Emerald, Mackay and Brisbane we are ready to take to the skies at short notice.

Our Driving Motivation is to provide attentive service at all time. We go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction, no matter how big or small. Over Time AAG has specialised in offering the following services to its clientele: –

  • Fly in/Fly out operations (FIFO)
  • Ad-Hoc Charter   – individual catered flights to various specialised destinations
  • Executive Charter
  • International Charter – as far as Papua New Guinea, Singapore and the Pacific, Samoa, Fiji
  • Freight uplifting
  • Survey and mapping
  • Repair and Maintenance of aircraft
  • Ground Handling



If you have followed our “I Fly UltraCam” series of video and written case studies, you have witnessed that the UltraCam has a worldwide presence. Our journeys have taken us to the USA, France, China, Brazil, Kenya and now Australia where we visited Alec Mercer, CEO of Advance Aviation Group Pty Ltd. (AAG), and Ripen Sarepo, CEO of Trans Wonderland Ltd., a trucking company based in Papua New Guinea. The two organizations have partnered to bring the benefits of aerial surveying to the Papua New Guinea region and are the subject of the 6th installment in our “I Fly UltraCam” series.

Besides the location, what sets this most recent case study apart from the previous ones is that it features the UltraCam Eagle which AAG acquired with both the 210mm and 80mm focal length lens kits. With some projects requiring flying at very high altitudes and others very low, AAG needed one flexible and versatile camera system that could do both. They found the UltraCam Eagle to be just that system.

IMG_0671“Flexibility of the lens-changing ability has shown itself to be very, very useful to us in a project that we’re doing right at the moment,” Alec Mercer told us. “The client has specified particular resolutions for what he wants and some of that is at, at 25,000 feet and others are at six or eight thousand feet. To achieve those we need to have the two different lenses. So, basically what will happen is we will fly the high altitude 210mm lens, return, change the lenses, go back and fly the low altitude 80mm lens. And we can achieve that effectively.”

What advice would Mercer share with his peers in the industry looking to get into aerial surveying?

“It’s not something you just make a decision about overnight, because it’s an expensive industry to get into. My first advice would be to buy the leading technology that you can possibly get your hands on. And that technology today is, is the UltraCam Eagle. It’s upgradeable, it’s highly efficient, and price-wise, you pay for what you get. By buying the

UltraCam, we’ve put ourselves at the forefront of the technology and that has enabled us to then go to clients and say to them ‘we can offer you this; we can offer you a product that the competitors cannot offer you.’”

Advance Aviation Group

PO Box 172, Emerald Qld 4720

Emerald Airport, Hangar 1 Springsure Hwy, Emerald Qld 4720

  PH:   +61 (0)7 4987 5566               FAX:    +61 (0)7 4982 3233  

Alec Mercer – CEO

M: +61 (0) 402 293 235 

Belinda Coetzee – Manager

M: +61 (0)408 795 283

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